House unanimously approves Low bill aimed at improving voter registration process in Washington

With a 97-0 vote Friday, the Washington State House of Representatives approved a bill sponsored by 39th District Rep. Sam Low that seeks to modernize the state’s voter registration system in an effort to ensure accurate voter rolls.

House Bill 1962, which is backed by Secretary of State Steve Hobbs and auditors across Washington, would streamline the process for voters to update their registration when moving, eliminate outdated information, and ensure seamless transfers of information between counties.

Key provisions of the bill include:

  • Automatic address updates: Leveraging resources such as the Department of Licensing and postal services, the bill mandates automatic updates for voter addresses within the state, simplifying the process for individuals who relocate.
  • Proactive verification: The legislation implements confirmation notices and subsequent procedures to identify and remove inactive registrations, ensuring the maintenance of accurate voter rolls.
  • Seamless inter-county transfers: Streamlined protocols will facilitate the swift and accurate transfer of voter information when residents relocate between counties, minimizing disruptions and discrepancies.

“Accurate voter rolls are paramount to the integrity of our electoral process in Washington,” said Low, R-Lake Stevens. “Ensuring the state’s voter registration system is up-to-date and efficient is imperative for preserving the democratic rights of all Washingtonians and guaranteeing fair and transparent elections that reflect the true voice of the people. I want to express my gratitude to Washington’s auditors, Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, and my colleagues in the House for their support of House Bill 1962. It is my hope we can get it to the governor’s desk this year and further strengthen our commitment to democracy, ensuring every voice is heard and every vote counts in Washington state.”

With the bill’s approval in the House, it now proceeds to the Senate for further deliberation.


Washington State House Republican Communications